About Us

Spin City Coffee Bar in Noe Valley is open everyday. Our hours are:

Monday – Friday: 7 to 5pm
Saturday, Sunday: 8 to 5pm

We feature Noe Valley Coffee and locally baked goods for your enjoyment. We look forward to getting to know you!
Our Story

We believe that in order to make a great espresso, you need:

1. Great beans – That’s why we serve Noe Valley Coffee; we admire their commitment to freshness and quality and, of course, we think their beans make for great tasting coffee.

2. The right temperature – Trust us; we’ve taken our time to get this one exactly right. Which leads us to number three…

3. A barista that cares – The only way you’re really going to be guaranteed a great cup of coffee is if the person making your coffee really cares about getting it right. And at Spin, we care about making every cup of the best cup that we possibly can.

Our goals are simple; we want to provide you, our customer, with a great cup of coffee in a friendly and welcoming environment. We look to forward to serving you.